Monday, December 05, 2005

What the hell???

SO, was out at dinner the other night with a friend and she mentioned this crazy-ass incident involving 2 guys, a horse and video camera that was on the radio the other day. Apparently 2 homosexual men with an affinity for horses snuck onto a farm and one of them got some naughty "horse-riding" escapades while the other got it on the video camera - I guess to show friends later?
So... before I go on to say what happened, I just gotta mention - every so often I think I can be a bit of a perv... and then I realize where the real pervs out there can venture to... and all I can do is shake my head and say... "WTF"???
Well, apparently the horse-loving got carried away and the guy was playing ummm "mommy" (supposedly that's one of the terms to describe who was getting it). Anyhow, so the horse get's carried away, the guy ends up with a problem with his Colon (GEE, ya THINK?), and he ends up dying. Apparently the guy taping this ended up going to jail. 99x was playing this on the radio the other day, and I get to hear about it at dinner. Man. Thanks for the image while Im trying to eat my steak. I'll pass on that next time...
Has anyone seen this? Is it legit? Im trying to figure if this is fake but who knows. There was a bear falling out of a tree last week onto a trampoline on the news. Its a crazy world, lucky for us.
(okay -repost: just found link for that news page:
In other news... President Bush says we're still winning the war in Iraq, terrorists are using chicks to bomb places, and the Dawgs won over LSU in the SEC Championship. It was a good game though, for sure. almost went and got some Championship tickets as they were supposed to be pretty cheap, but opted to watch over my buddy's house instead and pigout at his place.
They just announced the Bowl matchups too, so it looks like the Georgia Bulldogs are gonna be back for the Sugar Bowl too. Bowl season is ramping up, and even Ga Tech is in and going out west to play Utah for the Emerald Bowl. Can't wait for the Sugar Bowl though... will be hillbillies from Va Tech abound everywhere in downtown! Guys with no-necks, missing teeth, cross-eyed, and their dates - I mean sisters, will be here to represent their school and state... yeeah-boy!

haven't seen Walk the line yet... am really lookin forward to seein that. Joaquin Phoenix looks amazing as Johnny Cash on all the ads. Makes me very sad that we all lost a guy like that...
anyhow more later! Hopefully someone's reading this stuff or will.. one day! :)
write back, post, insult , whatever! SEEYA!

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Anonymous said...

Haha! No telling what those backwoods guys get up to man! There's some sick fucks out there! this pretty cool place here thanks. write more sports stuff tho