Thursday, December 15, 2005

Vikings hold Porn auditions... or a boatload of strippers is good Viking fun

SO, its official I guess. Some 30 members of the Minnesota Vikings have been ID'd as being on the 2 party boats where the sex scandal took place. Among them, 3 Vikings and Daunte Culpepper were charged with the shebang.
according to the article in AOL news, "Culpepper got a lap dance from a naked woman, and put his hands on her buttocks; McKinnie placed a woman on a bar and performed oral sex; Smoot used a sex toy on two women; and Williams got a lap dance from a topless dancer and placed his hands on her breasts."
Well... I'm still not completely sure what was wrong with this if they paid money to charter this boat, personally I don't see anything illegal so long as all involved were consenting and all that jibber-jabber... It may not be the classiest move, but I don't think anyone really ever accused these guys of that.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Brad Pitt, luckiest man alive... ( Angelina Jolie)

Well, for those used to watch her old stuff, and remember her talking about how much she loved to play Lesbian roles in film, the Cat is now out of the bag and her ex-lover from her film Firefox has talked all about their affair. Super Model Jenny Shimizu, according to an interview has said that she is still Jolie's Lesbian lover... (uh-oh!), and what does she say about Jolie?
Says Shimizu:
"She is beautiful. Her mouth is amazing. I've never kissed anyone with a bigger mouth than Angelina. It's like two water beds - it's like this big kind of warm, mushy, beautiful thing."
Ummmm.....? hold on,okay, I'm gonna re-read that.... What a Bastard that Pitt guy is!
Now it sounds like Shimizu is a little testy towards our man Brad, however, if he plays his cards right, he could become the luckiest-EST man alive... ya think?
Hmmm okay. Time to stop bein a total tard-guy about this but, one more time.... WOW....
more soon...

Monday, December 12, 2005

That time of year again... BOWL TIME!!!

Well, I may have already touched on this briefly - but cause of how busy its been at work, am gonna say it again: It's BOWL TIME AGAIN! That's right.. with the going of Thanksgving and all us turkeys stuffing ourselves, all our favorite (hopefully) teams qualify and make it to the big NCAA Bowls, and ticket sales to these bowls start goin thru the roof. It always amazes me just how big these events are for people. Figured I'd go ahead go over a few quick bowls some people might be interested in...
For the Georgia Tech fan out there, the trip's a long one, but should be good. Emerald Bowl Tickets will be sold between number 24 ranked Georgia Tech from the ACC for their first Trip to Sunny San Fran versus the Utah Utes from the Mountain West Conference. Georgia Tech made it in when a slot opened due to the PAC-10 not qualifying enough teams. This'll be the Yellow Jackets' 9th straight Bowl season with impressive wins this season over top-10 teams Auburn (23-14) and Miami(14-10).
This should be a great Bowl For the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - Sophomore and All-American puck Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson is one of the leading receivers in college football and bowl-record breaking running back P.J. Daniels (2 years ago at the Humanitarian Bowl), along with QB Reggie ball represent some serious guns for Ga Tech to get the job done. The Emerald Bowl will be played at beautiful SBC Park in San Francisco on Thursday, December 29, with a kickoff at 1:30 PM. Hope you Tech fans can get there for this one! You can get tickets at, or go straight to their NCAA Bowl Page and just click on the link for Emerald Bowl Tickets!
Wow... this ended up bein longer than I thought... will have more soon... more on Sugar Bowl Tickets and Peach Bowl Tickets soon!
See ya!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What the hell was Sony thinking?

After weeks of its XCP software being discovered and promising to take the flawed product of shelves, it looks like Sony still doesn't have an answer for its attempt at playing Big Brother and despite promising, the CDs containing the virus-prone software can still be found in Barnes and Nobles and other shopping spots. Here's the latest article from USAToday.
for those that don't know about this here's the basic idea:
Sony created a program that when you play the purchased CD on a Windows machine, it writes itself at the very root level of your system and controls how many times you can copy a CD for yourself. This takes place without you knowing or without your control. It's a way they decided to take charge of keeping people from making more copies from a distribution and giving it over freely to others or distributing it freely like on the web or the like. Yeaaaah... if you don't have a problem with this yet, just wait.
SO, personal rights aside at first the big problem is that the software is known to be susceptable to viruses. That's right, they put out an invasive piece of software which you never really agree to and this thing resides on the root level. Okay again, for those that don't know what this means- things that run on root or system level pretty much can do whatever they want to the rest of the machine. They even run pretty much invisibly in many cases to most users. So it can run and do what its supposed to do without you really knowing, report things, make changes, lock you out of files, etc... BUT, the damned thing is flawed and we know that viruses can easily be written to look for it and take over your PC at system level... WTF? Can we say Rootkit?
In their agressive zeal to take back control of their profits from the consumer it seems Sony has just put out a huge security flaw, in the most George Orwell 1984 kind of manner. I'm just thinking of people like my Mom and Dad that go home put their new Neil Diamond CD in their seven year old Windows 98 PC and don't know what the hell they just got themselves into. People like my parents don't even update their virus definitions or patch software unless I go to their house every 3 - 6 months to visit and do it for them. They sure aren't going to know how to get to the site and download and install the app to fix and uninstall this exploit Sony so graciously has provided us with. They DO however know how to do online banking and taxes, as well, I have no doubt, save info like this on their machines thinking that they are safe to keep this stuff from prying eyes or Sony's idiocy.
Okay and I'm going to keep this next part short, since if I don't I won't stop...
So what really, really, oh and I do mean REALLY chaps me is for a company's blatant disregard and just to have the STONES to put something like that on someone's system without any real informed CONSENT. I think one of the things we really keep in high regard in our country is an idea that we self-govern ourselves and what we do in our own homes is our business. Who the hell cares if I have a copy of The Rolling Stones greatest hits on my laptop, and my downstairs machine, and one in my workout room across the house? It's MINE for chrissake. It's behind my door and the idea that someone can try to govern and limit me INSIDE my own DOMAIN, is just godamned un-AMERICAN.
Now, I know that what Sony, BMG, and the RIAA (and others) is really trying to do is to keep people from widely distributing music and movies across the networks with what Lars Ulrich of Metallica termed "Napster Machines". They also make money everytime your old CD is too scratched to play anymore, and if you can just rip it again, it really bites into their pocketbooks over time. Of course, they say its to "protect the artist." Like Sony gives a shit about how much money their new breakout artist makes on a deal. Just ask most new-signs how much they make on their first album deal...
Personally, I hope the courts investigating these actions have the stones to find wrongdoing and press charges. Sue em. Companies with that kind of disregard for the public need to be reminded where their money comes from. Further, it makes me want to ban the purchase on their products until their sore pocketbooks causes them to act in a more consumer-friendly manner. The execs responsible for those decisions should be promtly fired and held personally accountable for damages that might occur due to those actions (Identity theft?)What a bunch of wankers these guys are...
Of course, that's just me.

while watching Adult Swim...

Okay, so I'm watching Harvey Birdman and reading stuff...
Earlier today, I read a great article on Wired about two asian kids from Silicon Valley that used the Netflix model to start a new service called NetfliXXX. Wow... will good ol' American Ingenuity never cease? WTF?
SO looks like the bowls got selected. Yellow Jackets are goin way out west, should be an interesting game... for those up for the trip. Here's the link over to ESPN listing all the bowls.
Meanwhile, its probably more of a footnote, but to those who are interested, here's an article about suspicious draws for the World Cup in Germany for 2006. I know, most of you are saying 'who cares about soccer j0ny?', but its the single largest freakin sport event in the world, with astronomical amounts of money and bragging rights riding on the process. Would be good to know its all in the up-and-up...
Forgot to mention in my last post, the Atlanta Falcons got spanked by the Carolina Panthers this weekend. Was seriously painful to watch. Carolina had an answer for about everything. Everytime Vick or Dunn tried doing anything the Panther's Defense was there to stop em. Seems like they were just holding the keys that day. SO, with that The Falcons have 4 games left, and crucial games to make the postseason. 2 of them will be hard and they gotta pull the wins to make it through, including another matchup vs. Carolina in the Georgia dome...
More soon!

Monday, December 05, 2005

What the hell???

SO, was out at dinner the other night with a friend and she mentioned this crazy-ass incident involving 2 guys, a horse and video camera that was on the radio the other day. Apparently 2 homosexual men with an affinity for horses snuck onto a farm and one of them got some naughty "horse-riding" escapades while the other got it on the video camera - I guess to show friends later?
So... before I go on to say what happened, I just gotta mention - every so often I think I can be a bit of a perv... and then I realize where the real pervs out there can venture to... and all I can do is shake my head and say... "WTF"???
Well, apparently the horse-loving got carried away and the guy was playing ummm "mommy" (supposedly that's one of the terms to describe who was getting it). Anyhow, so the horse get's carried away, the guy ends up with a problem with his Colon (GEE, ya THINK?), and he ends up dying. Apparently the guy taping this ended up going to jail. 99x was playing this on the radio the other day, and I get to hear about it at dinner. Man. Thanks for the image while Im trying to eat my steak. I'll pass on that next time...
Has anyone seen this? Is it legit? Im trying to figure if this is fake but who knows. There was a bear falling out of a tree last week onto a trampoline on the news. Its a crazy world, lucky for us.
(okay -repost: just found link for that news page:
In other news... President Bush says we're still winning the war in Iraq, terrorists are using chicks to bomb places, and the Dawgs won over LSU in the SEC Championship. It was a good game though, for sure. almost went and got some Championship tickets as they were supposed to be pretty cheap, but opted to watch over my buddy's house instead and pigout at his place.
They just announced the Bowl matchups too, so it looks like the Georgia Bulldogs are gonna be back for the Sugar Bowl too. Bowl season is ramping up, and even Ga Tech is in and going out west to play Utah for the Emerald Bowl. Can't wait for the Sugar Bowl though... will be hillbillies from Va Tech abound everywhere in downtown! Guys with no-necks, missing teeth, cross-eyed, and their dates - I mean sisters, will be here to represent their school and state... yeeah-boy!

haven't seen Walk the line yet... am really lookin forward to seein that. Joaquin Phoenix looks amazing as Johnny Cash on all the ads. Makes me very sad that we all lost a guy like that...
anyhow more later! Hopefully someone's reading this stuff or will.. one day! :)
write back, post, insult , whatever! SEEYA!

Friday, December 02, 2005

New stuff and Depeche Mode

SOOO here we go again. New blog, yada-yada... (new Seinfeld DVD is out, while I'm thinking about it.) ...
A few weeks ago, I made it out to the Depeche Mode concert out at the Arena at Gwinnett Center. I managed to get some tickets early on, and got my Girl's Brother some tix last minute through Peachtree Tickets- turns out his seats were better. Early bird gets the... oh, never mind.
SO about the show. Depeche Mode ROCKED. Big time. I was lucky enough to see these guys when I was in 7th grade (yes, lying to my parents) for Music for the Masses, and these guys still just put on a SHOW. All faerie like and depressive at moments, this is just part of the mood that these guys put on to make the show unforgetable. yeah so the lead singer likes to cry out his "OOOOH!!!" alot, and spins like a ballet dancer, but the music and hits these guys have put out over the years is just a testament for how much talent is in this band. The crowd just went nuts when the big mega-hits like Everything Counts, People are People, and pretty much every song off of Violator came on. So short story is the show rocked the energy was high, and they back for 2 Encores. I was happy with the Venue too at the Arena at Gwinnett Center.
I missed U2 while they were in town. what a pisser... I'm hoping maybe I can see em in another city now that I got cash again. I was broke at the time they came out. Well that's my first Blog for now. Im hoping to crap out this stuff somewhere and maybe some people will read it. Gonna talk about music, sports, theatre, entertainment.. the occasional movie or DVD. Hopefully people will read this and all are happy to post here! Hopefully will hear back from ya'll soon!
take care!