Monday, December 12, 2005

That time of year again... BOWL TIME!!!

Well, I may have already touched on this briefly - but cause of how busy its been at work, am gonna say it again: It's BOWL TIME AGAIN! That's right.. with the going of Thanksgving and all us turkeys stuffing ourselves, all our favorite (hopefully) teams qualify and make it to the big NCAA Bowls, and ticket sales to these bowls start goin thru the roof. It always amazes me just how big these events are for people. Figured I'd go ahead go over a few quick bowls some people might be interested in...
For the Georgia Tech fan out there, the trip's a long one, but should be good. Emerald Bowl Tickets will be sold between number 24 ranked Georgia Tech from the ACC for their first Trip to Sunny San Fran versus the Utah Utes from the Mountain West Conference. Georgia Tech made it in when a slot opened due to the PAC-10 not qualifying enough teams. This'll be the Yellow Jackets' 9th straight Bowl season with impressive wins this season over top-10 teams Auburn (23-14) and Miami(14-10).
This should be a great Bowl For the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - Sophomore and All-American puck Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson is one of the leading receivers in college football and bowl-record breaking running back P.J. Daniels (2 years ago at the Humanitarian Bowl), along with QB Reggie ball represent some serious guns for Ga Tech to get the job done. The Emerald Bowl will be played at beautiful SBC Park in San Francisco on Thursday, December 29, with a kickoff at 1:30 PM. Hope you Tech fans can get there for this one! You can get tickets at, or go straight to their NCAA Bowl Page and just click on the link for Emerald Bowl Tickets!
Wow... this ended up bein longer than I thought... will have more soon... more on Sugar Bowl Tickets and Peach Bowl Tickets soon!
See ya!

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