Friday, December 02, 2005

New stuff and Depeche Mode

SOOO here we go again. New blog, yada-yada... (new Seinfeld DVD is out, while I'm thinking about it.) ...
A few weeks ago, I made it out to the Depeche Mode concert out at the Arena at Gwinnett Center. I managed to get some tickets early on, and got my Girl's Brother some tix last minute through Peachtree Tickets- turns out his seats were better. Early bird gets the... oh, never mind.
SO about the show. Depeche Mode ROCKED. Big time. I was lucky enough to see these guys when I was in 7th grade (yes, lying to my parents) for Music for the Masses, and these guys still just put on a SHOW. All faerie like and depressive at moments, this is just part of the mood that these guys put on to make the show unforgetable. yeah so the lead singer likes to cry out his "OOOOH!!!" alot, and spins like a ballet dancer, but the music and hits these guys have put out over the years is just a testament for how much talent is in this band. The crowd just went nuts when the big mega-hits like Everything Counts, People are People, and pretty much every song off of Violator came on. So short story is the show rocked the energy was high, and they back for 2 Encores. I was happy with the Venue too at the Arena at Gwinnett Center.
I missed U2 while they were in town. what a pisser... I'm hoping maybe I can see em in another city now that I got cash again. I was broke at the time they came out. Well that's my first Blog for now. Im hoping to crap out this stuff somewhere and maybe some people will read it. Gonna talk about music, sports, theatre, entertainment.. the occasional movie or DVD. Hopefully people will read this and all are happy to post here! Hopefully will hear back from ya'll soon!
take care!

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