Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dawgs go down to Mountaineers in the 2006 Nokia Sugar Bowl

Well what a game. It started on january 2nd and ended on the 3rd, and if you were watching this game you were probably holding your breath til the last minute of game time. It didnt start off that way though. Right out of the gate, Pat White and the West Virginia Mountaineers just looked like they were there to own the Georgia dome. The Georgia Bulldogs looked like they just got slapped in the face when the Mountaineers took the lead in the first quarter over the dogs with three unanswered touchdowns. A fourth came about in the second quarter leaving the Dawg fans in shock.
The dawgs held on and a pass from DJ Shokley finally answered the 28-0 lead and it almost looked like they'd pull a rally out of the magic hat. However, things just never came together for the dogs, and with a surprise run from the Mountaineers punter in the last few minutes put a nail in the coffin for the Georgia Bulldogs. In a night filled with suprises and action, Steve Slaton rushed for a record 204 yards and three touchdowns to lead the No. 11 Mountaineers to a 38-35 victory over the eighth-ranked Georgia Bulldogs. All in all, a great Sugar Bowl. It looked at first like I was going to change the channel, but glad I watched it and definitely wished I was there for the game. I'm definitely going to have to make it to the Sugar Bowl next year!

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