Thursday, January 05, 2006

Trojans gored by Longhorns at the Rose Bowl

Wow... what a crazy few nights. My head is still reeling from the Sugar Bowl the other night. So I sit down to watch a little Rose bowl action after hearing about this game it seems like ALL damn year. The hype was just too much for the USC Trojans though. How can anyone be expected to constantly perform and pull out the win like the Trojans had been doing for the last 3 years - especially when you start believing your own shit though, really. Yeah just yesterday I was watching one of those pre-game week interviews with some Trojan players, when one of em comes on and says, "USC is gonna win cause that's all we know how to do." Just matter of fact. Just 'yeah I'm the shit and what're you gonna do?'

Well, it looks like Young and his Longhorns knew just what to do. Despite the Trojan's ability to March the ball and having their own great QB, Texas just impressed the hell out of me. Their protection of Young was phenominal, he never really seemed in any trouble on the pass, and when any pressure came the guy just moves. Despite having a great team and their own scoring ability the USC Trojans couldnt seem to stop the Longhorns when they were marching down the field to the inzone.

You just can't say enough about a kid like Young, either. He's just another of the new breed of QBs that can pass or scramble and run. It's just too hard for most teams to really keep guys like that down. In the end Vince Young ran for 200 yards and passed for another 267, personally making the last TD run that sealed the game for the Vikings. It's like there's a whole new breed of little Mike Vicks coming up. It'll be interesting to see this kid when he hits the NFL - and you know he'll be there - and see what happens in the big show.

So, don't get me wrong about something. I actually like USC, it was fun watching this seemingly unbeatable team make it to the top and stay there as King for a short while , but there's always someone else lookin at your top spot, so when you start talkin smack, I can't help but feel ya got it comin'....

Anyhow, it was a great game. Both teams brought their game. When one team would score, the other had an answer for it 3 minutes later. It's good to see that the Rose Bowl ends up being this kind of game. It went all the way to the last seconds. USC needed some yardage to put them close enough to the IZ for a field goal, but with 8 seconds left on the play it didn't happen and that's how it came down in the end with a 41-38 finish of Texas over USC. I know some guys that ended up payin some good money for some sideline tickets - but I know they enjoyed every last dollar of it. Wish I Coulda been there. Maybe next year! Later folks!


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